Potatoes – best side dish for fish

Potatoes in any form perfectly combined with fish. With boiled fish is better to submit boiled potatoes, fried – French fries, fish cutlets - mashed potatoes.

Along with the potatoes to the fish and fresh vegetables: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers. Very appropriate and will be adding greens: parsley or dill.

What other vegetables can be served on a side dish with fish

The fish are perfectly combined not only with potatoes but also with other vegetables. As a garnish you can cook cauliflower, steamed carrots, ragout of zucchini, puree of green peas. And baked fish are an excellent solution would be spinach, braised in cream. If the garnish you need to prepare quickly, but there is no time, preheat any mixture of frozen vegetables.

For fish dishes recommended to serve light salads and fresh vegetables. This combination will perfectly fit into any diet. For salads use fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and herbs, and fill them with olive oil, lemon juice or low-fat sour cream. If the fish is fresh, to enhance the flavor, serve her salad with the addition of pickles, capers or olives.

Rice crispies

In many Eastern countries the most popular garnish for fish is rice. Having a neutral taste, it allows you to create many interesting combinations. So, for a side dish to grilled fish can be submitted just boiled rice, but you can do a more complex side dish, cooked rice with corn and tomatoes, or peanuts.

What side dishes should not be fed to fish

Fish does not mix well pasta, cereals (except rice) and stewed cabbage.