If you want to apply for hot poultry, pork, then it is perfect figure. Its advantage is in the fact that the barley does not require extensive training – it is not necessary to peel like potatoes. Cooked grain too quickly. The rice will help when you need to quickly prepare Breakfast, lunch or dinner.

There are certain tricks that will help you to be crumbly and the rice does not stick together. To do this, take parboiled long grain or cereal. Place grits in a bowl and rinse it, preferably in five waters. Each time carefully grind the rice between your hands.

The Golden rule of ricovero – add 1 part grain to 1.2 parts water. For example, 1 Cup of grits take 1.2 Cup water. Must bring to boil and then add rice.

Stir contents of the pan, cover it tightly with a lid and do the minimum fire. It cereal should be boiled for 15 minutes. Turn off the heat, but while the cover is not open. As such, the rice should stand for another 20 minutes and crisp side dish is ready.


You can't make them "empty" pasta and vegetables. Boil pasta of any shape, fold in a colander. Now, prepare the vegetables. Take 500 grams of pasta:
- 1 bell pepper;
- 2 tomato;
- 1 medium carrot;
1 small onion.

Put the tomatoes for 30 seconds in hot water. When they have cooled, remove the skins and chop in a blender. Pepper free from the seed box, cut into cubes. Carrot grate, onion cut into small pieces.

Fry in vegetable oil pepper, after 7 minutes add the onions and carrots. After 5 minutes, then put chopped tomatoes and cook the vegetables for another 2 minutes. Put them in boiled pasta, add the greens, stir. A delicious side dish to meat, poultry ready.


It is well known that frankfurters, wieners perfectly with braised cabbage. No wonder these dishes are so popular in German cuisine. Shred half a cabbage, add chopped onion and carrot, fry vegetables in sunflower oil for 5-7 minutes.

Then pour enough water to cover them by 1 cm from the bottom Simmer 20-25 minutes. If the water has boiled away, add more. At the end of cooking you can put a little tomato paste or chopped fresh herbs. Easy side dish to sausages ready. Will it fit the pork.

Fish serve a side dish of potatoes – mashed, boiled or fried option. This vegetable can be salt and pepper, make a few slits and put them in slices of cheese. Now wrap each potato in plastic foil and bake in a preheated oven.