Over time, the educational practice brings wisdom. There comes a time when people are around, walking the path of self-knowledge and the knowledge of wisdom, gather disciples, who in most cases call their teachers 'guru'. The guru referred to as Tutors, mentors and spiritual leaders. Gurus and their followers gathered in the "Ashrama", closed communities, in buildings such as monasteries, lived and studied there. Such places become objects of pilgrimage.

Yoga has become well-known among the indigenous Dravidian populations of the Indian subcontinent from the time of matriarchy. The Aryan tribes brought to the Peninsula Patriarchy and rigid caste system. Merged cultures and traditions. The original yoga was transformed in accordance with the new ideological and moral standards. Followers of yoga have often renounced all material goods. They followed their guru, or spent their days in solitude and practiced.

Since ancient times, yoga, along with the search for spiritual enlightenment in all of its Affairs, endeavoured to strengthen their health and improve body. After all, to follow the path of the spirit can only be a healthy person. To this day the situation has not changed. And nowadays, many people perceive yoga as a path of spiritual and physical development. Its infinity yoga is the link between generations. Master gave knowledge to the learner and the learner becoming the master, passed on his experience to new students. So was formed a living chain that ran through the times.

Yoga came to the West from India in the early twentieth century and quickly became popular health system, both in Europe and in America. Nowadays the vast majority of people use application, a health aspect of yoga. And for many it is the most effective way of maintaining health. The peculiarity of the yoga postures lies in their deep impact on the internal organs and metabolic regulatory processes. The people practicing it, increases immunity, improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract, slow down the aging process.

The practice of yoga does not require expensive installations and simultaneously serves as a means of physical, moral and spiritual perfection, which is not in any other system. Yoga is currently the most common option in the world of Spa. People saw it as one of the most effective ways to restore energy and vitality.