Despite the fact that man is a creature of thinking, i.e. understanding, some explanation of his behavior based solely on instincts.

What is instinct?

Innate behavior inherent nature, peculiar not only to animals, but is typical for a person. Of course, people can think, and thereby control his actions, suppressing the instinctive nature. But in a situation of danger or if the animal begins to dominate the "human" nature taking its course. Instincts is absolutely all "Homo sapiens", and they are that common, what unites the human and the animal.

What instincts got to humans from animals?

The instinct of self-preservation. Due to this, people are able to distinguish between potential dangers and protect themselves, comparing their own strength and desires. Some of it is innate behavior is expressed with a feeling of discomfort. It often occurs when, for example, the person is in unfamiliar places. The sense of danger and dictates future behavior. However, a number of brave men this instinct is muted, and that travelers are the pioneers boldly go new routes, exploring the protected area.

The instinct of procreation. Every living creature reproduces itself. That is the law of life, and man as part of the living world is also involved in the replay process. The imposition of the mind allows you to mute the sexual instinct, and people regulate their sexual life, not breeding uncontrollably. However, such behaviour is characteristic of animals that form one pair for life.
Especially many examples of monogamous behavior among birds. Swans, black vultures, albatrosses, bald eagles and even an ordinary turtle doves create a pair for life.

Maternal instinct. One of the most powerful innate instincts that allow the offspring to nurse, protect and take care of it. Unbreakable bond of mother-child exists as long as the child remains helpless and exposed to danger. The mother, like other instincts, closely associated with the hormonal level of a person. The powerful connection of mother-child allows you to adjust physiological processes: allocation of colostrum and milk, sensitive, superficial sleep, and others.
No wonder the powerful launch of the natural behavior of the mother is forcing a newborn baby to the breast. This is evidenced by the behavior of women, to make unwanted baby for the first time pokorivshij his chest.

There is not a single instinct, which would not be inherited to humans from animals, although reasonable people often do not realize the reasons for their behavior dictated by nature.