The climate is temperate. In winter the temperature barely drops to negative. In two thousand and eighth year was recorded the lowest temperature for the region of minus five degrees Celsius, and the highest - plus thirty-seven degrees. Average rainfall is approximately 1500-1750 mm a year. This is due to the coastal location of the city.

Many tourists pay attention, the cedar groves, which is full in this cozy town. Others relish the very deepest lake in Japan Tazawa. In addition, a very popular attraction is the cedar by the age of two hundred and fifty years and a height exceeding fifty feet. We also recommend you to visit the festival of drums and see the largest drum in the world.

Base and city in modern times

Originally the site Akita was a village, but in one thousand eight hundred and eighty-ninth year, he was granted the city status. In nineteen first year a power plant was constructed, and later a train station. Subsequently were discovered oil fields, which gave impetus to the economic development of the city, and is still the main income of the city brings it refining.

During the second world war, the port of Akita are constantly being attacked by bombers of the army of the United States of America. Field of war the main task of the people was the restoration of the city. In nineteen forty-ninth year was built by Akita University, and two cities were founded the airport. In 1975 began the development of the local stock exchange. In 1997, the city was included in the list of Central cities of Japan.


Castle Akita. The ruins are on the territory of the district Jini-Takashimizu. Seven hundred and thirty-third year with the mouth of the Mogami was moved to a military Fort, which received later the name "Akita Castle". In the thousand and fiftieth year the castle was abandoned.

Museum of art

-Both Senshu Park.

Zoo Moremy

-A huge amount of forests and various parks.

The largest of Japanese lakes Tazawa.

-Cedar by the age of two hundred and fifty years.

World's largest drum festival drums.

Despite the lack of more prominent attractions in Tokyo and Kyoto, Akita fascinates tourists with its natural beauty: untouched forests, parks and, of course, the sea of Japan. In addition, the city is famous for the beauty of the local girls and the quality of the alcohol. In addition, it often hosts fairs, and is full of various souvenir shops. This city is perfect for guests wishing to be alone with nature or, on the contrary, having fun in good company.