According to statistics, Spain is a solid third place among all of the resort on the earth!

It is the ideal place to enjoy a hot beach holiday in the sun, and the beckoning of the sea surface, because a beach vacation in Spain is in the first place. But to surprise it can not only sea, but also snow-capped mountains, citrus groves and colorful green meadows. Also Spain has a fascinating history and unique culture to know it will be a joy to any inquisitive Explorer!

It is located on the territory of the ancient Iberian Peninsula, borders with France and Portugal, by the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean.

As for the climate, Spain is one of the warmest States in the South of Europe, where eighty percent of the days in a year Shine the sun and the temperature on the coast for about twenty degrees Celsius, even in winter the temperature is often not below zero! In the summer season, rises to forty degrees, a bit North up to twenty-five. In General, the climate is Mediterranean - hot summers with occasional rainfall and a mild, short winter mostly with a temperature above zero. The temperate climate from the North and dry and hot South.

Spain everyone will give you unforgettable impressions and will give the opportunity to find something of my own! This is a great vacation for the whole family, entertainment and fascinating tours are provided for both adults and children, but rather a violent and fun nightlife, in discos and in night clubs will allow you to relax a restless youth! You will surely appreciate the architecture and sights of the Spanish capital, and Barcelona and other cities.