The first-born in the children's entertainment network has become Disneyland in California, which construction was completed in 1955 Directly involved in its creation took Walt Disney himself, and the opening ceremony was entrusted to Ronald Reagan, who in those years was engaged in her acting career. Since it was built and is currently in the Disneyland resort was visited by about half a billion visitors, including the families of the heads of different States. The Park is constantly being updated still, now it has 3 zones, the last of which was built in 2001 and is dedicated to the history of the state in which it is located. Later, in 1959, was built the same Disneyland in another U.S. state – Orlando.

The first Disneyland was built on the territory of another country, was the Japanese Park of the same name in Tokyo. In addition, he became the only Park not owned by the Corporation of Walt, and includes exact replicas of both the American Disneyland. This giant children's entertainment contains 7 thematic areas in which large and small visitors can feel the pilots of intergalactic ships, to meet with these pirates, to help Winnie the Pooh to get honey and to see Cinderella in her luxurious castle. In the Park there is even a theatre whose repertoire will satisfy different age groups of Park visitors.

The most new of all five of the world famous Disneyland is a theme Park in Hong Kong. It is less than other areas and is not universal like the others, but focused mainly on children's age. The theme Park is effectively dedicated to the water element, which makes it unique in its kind. At the entrance visitors are greeted by a fabulous fountain of rare beauty, and on its territory there are many magical lakes and rivers, artificially created for him. It is interesting that in any numbering of buildings, lifts, a hotel room, missing the number 4 because in Chinese it does not bear signs of good, so after 3 it goes right 5.

Among European countries, which can offer people a wonderful journey into the world of animation and amusement, stands France. It is quite natural that in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe created such a wonder – amusement Park Disneyland. Also some include Disneyland and amusement Park in Spain called Port Aventura", however, appearance and features of the Park are slightly different from the older ones.