Airfare. The cheap flights nowadays considered Charter flights. Prices to Spain range from 9000 rubles per person in both directions. In the period of discounts and various promotions you can manage to purchase a ticket and for 2000 rubles one-way.

Accommodation. Also a few months before intended stay to book a hotel for your stay. The cheapest are family hotels. Prices are range from 7 to 15 euros per day. The accommodation generally includes Breakfast and use of the Internet. Hotels 2-3 star are 40-80 euros per night, full Board € 20-25, camping 7-10 euros.

Resorts and recreation. The cheapest in Spain are considered resorts and resorts, located in Costa Bravo, Costa Dorado and Costa del Sol. The most cost-effective island is the island of Tenerife. And Mallorca, oddly enough, this is the place where the cheapest flats and houses. There you can easily rent a house for the duration of your stay is not more expensive than 1000 euros per month. Do not settle in main cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. They are quite noisy for a quiet holiday, there are a large number of the population, and there is no sea. It is better to settle on the coast, and out on a tour of a particular city.

Moving around the country. If you have permission, it is possible to rent a car. But it's not the cheapest option of transportation, because the cost per day of rental will be 100-500 euros. Also, you will bear additional costs in case of an accident. A bus ticket or train costs an average of 1.5-2 euros. For lovers of active rest there is a service of renting a moped or bike, the cost of which varies from 5 euros per day.

Food. Cafes and restaurants in Spain for all budgets. In a street cafe you can eat well on 50-100 euros for the whole family. But a lunch or dinner can hit your wallet if you still want to rest more efficiently. So much cheaper to eat in the bistro, a dining room, a small cafe, which keep the locals and other urban eateries. At each step there are shops, supermarkets, markets, where you can buy any products if you have the opportunity to prepare their own meals. It should be noted that drinking water in Spain is very expensive. So bottled water is to purchase in large volume, will be much cheaper.

Plan in advance for the most important moments of their holidays, to calculate all estimated expenses, consider what you can save without compromising yourself and then your holiday will be much cheaper and no less comfortable.