One of the most popular trends in makeup are tools such as ball blusher, double eye shadow, eyeliner – crayons, glosses and lipsticks. With the help of such tools, you can create a huge number of images that offer image-makers in the current summer season.

More bright colors

As in the 90s, in the upcoming season will be popular shade of the bright color schemes. Many people call these colors "acid". This option is best suited for young people who are not afraid of bold combinations and goes well with their age category. Women of middle age are suitable makeup a separate of bright colours, for example emerald or purple. These colors are deepest, so give the woman of mystery and sophistication.

"Smoky eyes"

Such appliances are absolutely all ages, using their color palette. At the beginning of its appearance, many ladies thought that the right to use only dark or gray shades, which is not quite the right statement. If earlier it was used mainly as an evening option, now many stylists use light shades to create day and apply makeup style smoky eyes.


Previously, there was only one kind of eyeliner, which made it extremely difficult process of creating a perfect eyeliner on the upper eyelid. Now there is a kind of liner, which allows you to make perfectly smooth hands in just 2 minutes – this felt tip eyeliner. Sometimes, the cost of such funds is much lower than the standard liner, although it is the most convenient option.

In the field of makeup, there are plenty of methods that cannot be called universal, as a lot depends on eye shape and color. Therefore, the selection of the optimal form of make-up is to try a large number of options to be able to choose for themselves the best option.