Pastel colors

Oddly enough, but this fall is especially fashionable for women will be pastel, light shades of calm colors that will look good on any woman, thereby underlining her femininity and a symbol of serenity and wisdom. Will be particularly fashionable colors like: light pink, gray, peach, calm dark green and beige flesh color.


Coat in coat trend this fall. This coat looks very advantageous due to the wonderful belt at the waist to accent her and make the female silhouette more fit and slender. The style also resembles Chinese costume for wrestling karate — "kimono". Today clothing in this style is very popular and in demand in the fashion world.


The length of this season is also very important as only this fall, fashion will be to wear outerwear, dresses, skirts and trousers with a length below the knees, and in other words — the floor. Such clothing is perfect for those girls who dream to conceal a heavy bottom and show it as a virtue. Now they have made it very clear.

Leather jackets

After a short break, jacket, will once again become popular and relevant in the world of women's style and beauty. This jacket was very popular years ago, but after a while went out of fashion. And today she returns to the fashion catwalks to conquer all with its originality and uniqueness.


Leather clothing is a classic that never goes out of fashion ever. But now leather is not only a material for making clothing. After all, today it is manufactured all kinds of things, including pants, skirts, jackets and more. This season will be particularly fashionable dresses and skirts made of leather material.

You should always remember that the fall rainy season, when all the sad and lonely. And clothes is the only way to make life a little brighter and happier during this challenging life period.