Follow the fashion trends. Periodically scroll women's magazines, read websites on relevant topics in the Internet to be aware of the latest news of the fashion world. Define for yourself what colors, textures of fabrics now at the peak of the season, as well as what form and length of skirts, trousers preferred.
Visit the stylist. If you are not able to pay for his services during each trip to the store, let yourself advice at least once. You will receive indispensable advice on choice of clothing, which can use when shopping for a long time.
Pick the clothes that fits you. Don't buy things just because of the fact that they're fashionable, but you are not going. In addition, pay attention to the quality of the material and tailoring. If finances do not allow you to buy branded clothes, it is not necessary to replace it with fakes.
Take special attention to the choice of quality footwear. Try on the model that is recommended for women in this season. But if in those shoes or boots you feel uncomfortable, then do not purchase in favor of the classical version.
Pick accessories to every outfit. In your Arsenal should be the scarves, hats, belts, fashion sunglasses, watches. Freshen up an ordinary costume, you can use brooches, bright beads.
Pay sufficient attention to the selection not only clothes for going out, but also functional things. Tracksuits, Slippers, bathrobes, home wear also needs to look stylish and attractive.
Choose classic things, they will always be in fashion. You should have a few skirts of medium length, straight trousers, jeans calm shades. In addition, these things can be easily combined with bright fashion tunics, blouses, jackets.
Ensure that you have a wardrobe has enough dresses. They can be of any length, style, colour. Wear them with shoes or boots with heels. Enhance the image of a necklace, bracelets, original earrings.
Do not overfill the wardrobe. Without regret to part with old, outmoded things.