Men easier to choose clothes, because eventually the whole closet consists of pants of various types and top. The main task for the boy is to pick up these two items of clothing in style. In the club you can wear a tight shirt, an expensive shirt or a thin cardigan. Find out in advance what the dress code provided in the establishment.
If it is a regular dance club, do not wear a solid suit. Tuxedo and business suit jacket will come in handy elsewhere. And flippant but colorful shorts are best left at home. The best option is jeans with signature leather strap and t-shirt with a cheerful print.
The girls choice of clothing much more, there is even a special club dresses, very open and sexy. These tiny products are made of stretch fabric that hugs the body like a second skin. Very nice lights look skirts, dresses, t-shirts, decorated with sequins and rhinestones.
Jeans are OK, but nothing like the guys. All models in slinky, richly embellished with rhinestones and embroidery are very welcome in night clubs. The same goes for the leggings - they can be bright, acid colors or gold.
Imagine what the crowd will gather on the dance floor. You need to not go unnoticed among the colourful characters. So choose things with shiny prints or a chic finish. If the dress sits well on you, but it looks boring, put on top of the belt with a nice buckle, a bright silk scarf or shiny beads.
If you want to stand out from the crowd, look for clothes with a pattern that applied modern paint that changes color depending on body temperature or lighting. There are t-shirts with glitter prints that are only visible under artificial lighting. Wear lots of metal chains and bracelets, pick up any bottom and your outfit is ready.
Pay special attention to shoes and underwear. You have a few hours to dance and, hence, to move actively. Therefore, it is better not to wear a new pair of shoes. Interesting look shoes large ornate platform. High shiny boots fit for any nightclub. Underwear should be attractive and comfortable and made of soft comfortable material.
Wear something slightly outrageous and unusual, to stand out from the crowd. Experiment with color and style ensembles, find something special that will be remembered by others.