It is a mistake to think that shoes with a sharp point can be only in classic black color.

Patent leather pointed shoes - they can be found in different variations, from bright and flashy to the quiet pastel tones. These shoes will delight and evening, and a classic office outfit.

Shoes with a sharp end in the style of Lady Gaga. It's bright shoes with all sorts of rhinestones and spikes. In this form offered us his world famous shoes designer, Christian Louboutin.

Pointed platform shoes. A very interesting version of famous brands 2 LIPS, Steve Madden and Jessica Simpson.

Shoes with a sharp end with a variety of prints. Bright floral, textured, and gradient prints, quickly came into Vogue. This style will appreciate the bright, catchy nature and subtle, gentle fashion.

Pumps with a pointed toe. The perfect solution for active girls. Light, in different variations of shoes will help the whole day to stay on the legs gives a feminine edge to your outfit.

Shoes with a sharp end with a strap. Manola Blahnik, Marc Jacobs in his collection introduced shoes with strap. And it should be noted it's not just the strap and the strap, which is fastened by means of buttons. This is a very interesting solution, suitable for any outfit, but do not forget that shoes with strap visually shorten the legs.

Shoes with pointed toe perfect accessory every wardrobe. It's no wonder they say "classic is always in fashion".