Green shoes: variety of colors and materials

Colored shoes are a bold statement. They are guaranteed to attract male attention, so the image should be harmonious and elegant. Green shoes will not forgive his "mistress" negligence, liberties and thoughtless approach.

The green color is very versatile. He refers to the natural shades and has a broad palette, from pale mint to deep emerald. This choice will help you decide on an unusual color of shoes and find the right pair for virtually any occasion.
Young girls, Amateur clubs and parties, you can choose neon shades of green. Supporters of the business style suit dark, almost black options. Casual-style easy to "take" any shade.

Selection of suitable clothes also depends on the material of the Shoe. Green shoes presented in a large range. You can easily find the extravagant models made of soft plastic, fully sprinkled with sequins or a soft velvet surface.

Shoes green: suitable combinations

The green color is very comfortable for layering. The natural shade allows you to combine it with things of various colors. But here, as we are assured the stylists have their own "classics".

Clothing white color is one of the best options for the top green shoes. In this case, you can use the accessories in the color of the Shoe. For example, to emphasize the waist strap or tie on the neck colored scarf.

The second wonderful option is all shades of gray. Shoes in this ensemble will stand out and make a part of their brightness. A great addition would be spectacular colored beads or handbag. The key element in green shoes will also be in connection with things of beige, brown, pale pink hues.

Green shoes look great in black and white sets. However, be careful: the top must be identical to the bottom. The creation of this ensemble – it is difficult, however, the cost justifies itself. You will look impressive and elegant.
Feel free to combine green shoes with bright clothes. For example, wear a multicoloured dress or top with a noticeable print. Ideally, if the colors on things will be present the identical Shoe shade of green.

Green shoes will be combined with different colored clothing. Especially if it is shade natural. For example, dare to wear bright shoes dress red, yellow or deep blue hue. Also the green shoes are perfect skirts/pants purple and orange colors.

How to combine green shoes with clothes

Interesting ideas of combining green shoes with clothes, you can peek at celebrities. For example, Beyonce combines color shoes with a yellow kit, consisting of short shorts, top and jacket. As accessories she chose a black and white clutch bag and sunglasses.

Reese Witherspoon bright green pumps complement the black-and-white dress flying silhouette. Shoes has become the only bright accent in the image: the actress has refused the jewelry, and add-ons attire became black clutch bag and belt.

A more risky way prefer singer Katy Perry. Repeat "neon out" the stars dare not every fashionista. Choice Perry fell on the bright green shoes with an open toe, same shade and lush light green top-white skirt.

Another example of a monochrome picture presented Lady Gaga. The girl preferred shoes matte leather deep emerald hue, in a tone which picked up the coat. The ensemble turned out understated and elegant.