First of all, these simulators are aimed at strengthening and maintenance of health: cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Moreover, such training improves the whole body, so very important in the cardio monitor breathing and heart rate. The pulse needs to be increased several times depending on the desired result. If the goal is to lose weight, then the pulse must be increased by 60 percent from its normal frequency, and if the goal is to increase your muscle mass, then 80 percent. To monitor the pulse of just. Moreover, all modern simulators are equipped with special sensors and screens that you can see not only the change in the pulse, but also the speed of your run or walk, the time that has passed since the beginning of the workout, kilometers and calories. All it calculates a special program that is set up according to a formula.

In cardio, as in any other, the result depends directly on the regularity of classes. If you want to lose weight or to lose a certain number of pounds, then engaged on such machines you need every day. If the goal of your training – supports muscle tone, then only two, three or four times a week. In addition, it is not necessary to achieve the desired results only through cardio training. In addition, you need to follow the diet and to include exercise weight training and stretching exercises. It is very important to monitor not only the food, but for sleep. Starting to exercise, you need to be sure that the body is rested and ready to work on yourself. To start such classes need only after consultation with a doctor, because there is heart disease, to diagnose that the person is not able to independently.

Training time can vary from forty to sixty minutes depending on the physical preparation. First, you need to do a small workout to warm up muscles, and in the end a good stretch.

In conclusion, we can say that purchase such equipment at any sporting goods store or online. Each company has such a plan will advise and help you choose the one that satisfies all your desires. If there is not sufficient Finance, then you can do without a simulator. Just run or walk on the spot – an excellent replacement for any simulator, because you can do it all outdoors, immersed in nature.