From sports to cardio include running, sports walking, swimming, Cycling. Cardio can be called and other types of activity, such as climbing stairs, jumping rope, aerobics. To do cardio can a man with any condition, because the load can be varied.
Jogging is the most popular cardio. You can do Jogging, endurance, interval running. Technician much, but the result is always the strengthening of the cardiovascular system, muscular development of the legs, reduction of body fat. Run need to engage in a special sports shoes, because there is a risk to injure the joints because of improper foot placement.
Aerobics are available to all the cardio, which includes a set of exercises of varying intensity. There are aerobics for beginners aerobics for prepared and intense aerobics. It may include power elements, exercises with light weights, thus contributing to the strengthening of all muscle groups. Aerobics can be practiced alone or in a group.
Jumping rope is a tough exercise that may seem too monotonous. But this is one of the most energy-intensive types of cardio. If you can withstand an hour of jumping, get rid of half eaten per day, calories. Playing jumping rope not suitable for everyone, they require a healthy musculoskeletal system.
Climbing stairs is another available for all physical activity, energy costs which are equal to those of the jumping rope. There are even special exercise equipment that simulates climbing stairs. Abandoning elevators and escalators, you can quietly burn a lot of calories.
Walking – the easiest and pleasant cardio, because you can choose a comfortable pace. But it is the least energy-consuming physical activity, it causes a slight quickening of the pulse. And the more often the heart beats, the more intense is spent fat reserves. We can say that the walk is also mainly a tonic effect.
Cycling actually simulates the movement of the legs when doing squats, because trains at the same time and corresponding leg muscles. Get a significant load of the muscles in the calf and thighs. Riding mainly on flat surface or downhill is difficult to name high-performance, for a significant health effect necessary uneven terrain.