The benefits of cardio

Cardio is shown to all people, regardless of gender and age. Heart – on, which directly affects health. It needs exercise no less than other muscles in the human body.

Increased heart rate during cardio has a healing effect on the entire body. The most important condition is to choose the optimum intensity of load, otherwise the consequences could be exactly the opposite. It is necessary to focus primarily on the current state of the body.

Great importance when selecting cardio is fitness. Increased heart rate in the cardio can vary from very slight to extreme. In poor health, the elderly should choose light load.

Varieties of cardio

The easiest and safest way to learn the sport is walking, beginners should start with her. Walking can occur at a different pace, from walking steps to accelerated. A walking step will not have a strong training effect, but will still have a positive effect on the body.

Brisk walking is walking at a rate of 110 steps per minute. Walk at a pace unprepared people just not able to, because it cost to build the training interval. For example, alternate 5 minutes of walking and 5 minutes of accelerated.

Over time it is necessary to increase the load, approaching the long walks at a quick pace. Ideally, the pace a person must be if he's late for something. This walk has a pronounced healing effect.

Running is also a kind of cardio. For Jogging, there are limitations, because the running load of a muscle group. For example, the presence of diseases of joints and spine must first consult with your doctor.

Dance classes – a useful hobby from the category of cardio. They bring a versatile effect. Also good for the heart and muscles, dancing will also help to gain grace and elegance.

To include cardio and Cycling. Cycling not only strengthens the heart muscle, but the muscles of the legs. If you do not have a bike, you can go to the gym and do spinning.

Cardio is the simplest way to lose excess weight. The only condition is the regularity of classes, at least 4-5 times a week. Then you will fully experience all the positive effects of cardio.