First you need to compile a competent business plan. Business in the field of floristry pays off quite quickly, as the margin on goods is around 100-300%.

You also need to choose a good location. It is important to consider the number of competitors nearby. In the case of a correct choice, even a very small kiosk will bring a good profit. Flowers – the goods perishable, and therefore, it is necessary to ensure rapid turnover. The influx of buyers may increase the opening of the store on the Internet.

A business selling flowers can be of several types:

1. Small kiosks and stalls in public places.

2. Store average prices with a wide range.

3. Elite salons.

4. Online shopping (existing on its own or as a Supplement to the main store).

Florists carry out not only the sale of flowers. A significant part of a profitable package of bouquets, selling additional products, such as flower pots, cards, or balls.

It is important to note that this business is susceptible to fluctuations in demand depending on the season. Especially sales increase in February-March and also in early autumn and summer, when a large number of weddings.

In small stalls mostly sold cut flowers and all assortment consists of 10-15 species. In larger stores might sell vases, Souvenirs and gifts, and plants.

Recruitment is also an important moment in business. If the florist is highly qualified, he will be able to create interesting floral arrangements and give buyers the right tips.

Today increasingly popular is the delivery of flower bouquets. Such services help to save money and get the item without any serious effort. Delivery can be arranged through the store online or via phone.

The most important step is finding good suppliers of floral products, offering favorable terms of purchase, fresh flowers and discounts for regular customers.