You will need
  • - podiums
  • - mirrors and mirror shelves,
  • - elegant furniture,
  • - cooling system
  • - fitolampy.
Use the catwalks to focus visitors ' attention on unusual, expensive and exclusive bouquets potted plants.
Large mirrors and mirrored shelves will visually enlarge the room of a small shop.
Use wrought-iron furniture is also a great option. This furniture is not so noticeable and will not distract the visitors from the flowers themselves. Furniture must be in harmony with the colors – unacceptable usage rough, inelegant items. Don't forget to put in the trading room table for decoration of bouquets.
The optimal temperature for storing flowers +8°C. to provide bouquets for a comfortable environment, you should equip the shop cooling equipment. You can also use a special cooling racks, which are placed directly on the trading floor. It is possible to build the cooling chamber of the glass, hiding in a utility room split system.
Take care of additional lighting for the colors, because the normal light is not enough for them. Install in the sales area fitolampy.