Advice 1: How to open a flower shop

Flowers and floral arrangements are very popular as gifts to friends, relatives, loved ones, business partners. Buy them on holidays and any other days for decorating hotels, bars, restaurants, Spa-salons. So if you love flowers, art and design, and have entrepreneurial flair, starting their business with the opening of the floral shopwill be the right step.
Put the soul in the window dressing of your store. Profitable arranged bouquets will attract buyers
You will need
  • Furniture for shop
  • Internet
  • Coolers
  • Knives and pruning shears
  • The shelves
  • Vases
  • Computer
  • Printer
To open a flower shop, you should obtain basic education in this area. You can enroll, for example, to the training of florists. Not hurt to get acquainted with the specialized literature. Keep track of the news flower arranging on the Internet. Be aware of and understand the trends.
Register your business choose a legal structure and name of the organization. There are many law firms who for a small fee, will advise you and help you with the preparation of the necessary documents.
Find a room for the future flower shop. Select a location with high traffic and open for viewing by potential customers. Purchase required for shop equipment and tools.
Pick the suppliers for the floral shop. Examine the lists of organizations from whom you can purchase flowers, greenhouses, farms and agricultural enterprises. Make sure to look for reviews of existing customers of potential suppliers, the quality of their products and conditions of supply.
Equip and decorate your store. Make the storefront attractive to people passing by. Use the knowledge gleaned on floral courses and in online magazines about the flower business.
Create additional benefits for customers of your flower shop, for example, the delivery or service for creating creative greetings. Additional options customer service can be the deciding factor that will affect the buyer's choice in favor of your store.
Advertise your flower shop. Create a convenient and intuitive website. And wait for the influx of new customers.

Advice 2 : How to decorate a flower shop

The floral shop does not limit its owners. That is limiting but only their own imagination. No standard equipment exists. Therefore, you can always make your store different to any other.
How to decorate a flower shop
You will need
  • - podiums
  • - mirrors and mirror shelves,
  • - elegant furniture,
  • - cooling system
  • - fitolampy.
Use the catwalks to focus visitors ' attention on unusual, expensive and exclusive bouquets potted plants.
Large mirrors and mirrored shelves will visually enlarge the room of a small shop.
Use wrought-iron furniture is also a great option. This furniture is not so noticeable and will not distract the visitors from the flowers themselves. Furniture must be in harmony with the colors – unacceptable usage rough, inelegant items. Don't forget to put in the trading room table for decoration of bouquets.
The optimal temperature for storing flowers +8°C. to provide bouquets for a comfortable environment, you should equip the shop cooling equipment. You can also use a special cooling racks, which are placed directly on the trading floor. It is possible to build the cooling chamber of the glass, hiding in a utility room split system.
Take care of additional lighting for the colors, because the normal light is not enough for them. Install in the sales area fitolampy.
Customers can bring the sole harmful bacteria or insect larvae, which are afraid of plants, so be sure to place at the entrance to the store chain cover.
Useful advice
Experienced owners of flower shops know how to save money on cooling equipment. If the area of the outlets allows, you can sheathe a utility room with a special material that allows you to maintain a constant temperature required for storage of flowers.
Not the last place in the design of the store is the use of fragrances and music. Pleasant aromas create a good atmosphere in your store and increase sales.Turn on relaxing music – this will enhance the effect from the contemplation of beautiful colors and will cause the buyer's positive emotions.
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