You will need
  • scientific publication "principles of advertising and marketing", encyclopedia of plants and flowers.
In order to give a correct and at the same time, a beautiful name for your flower shop, you need to know at least the basics of advertising and marketing. Of course, it's not necessary to go to graduate school, but try this to become familiar with the scientific literature or the Internet. After that you will be easier to come up with the name.
The name of the store should attract, be concise and sonorous. It should immediately be remembered and recalled when needed, even after some amount of time. The name of the floral shop will sound among the people, transmitted from mouth to mouth, and it will become the main engine of your advertising.
Think about the target audience. You should know what type of people you will sell your product, that is how you will position yourself in a competitive market, and who will be your main buyers.
Look for reference of colors, or the encyclopedia any. In the world there are very beautiful plants, which perfectly can be combined with the name of your store. Just pay attention to the fact that it must be easily pronounced and remembered.