Prepare a seat for putting on their covers. Slide them forward until it stops. If possible, remove all headrests and armrests, in order to simplify the task itself.
Remove the covers, carefully review all items, and then put capes on their respective seats. In this case please note that the covers on the front seats of some models slightly differ. In this case guided on the backrest, the armrests and adjustable back-up pockets.
Place the items on the chair properly and smoothly, and then secure the case back present on it with straps or rubber bands. Try not to leave folds and to straighten the case, so it is convenient to sit.
First, put the covers on the front seats, then rear. If the Cape is divided into parts, start to pull it from the seat – this simple task.
Remember that the cover should fit the chair as closely as possible. If he hangs on it, tighten the mount stronger, pulling the end of elastic. Securing the product, carefully hide all side elements.
Slip covers and headrests if they are provided for them. Just don't confuse the rear with the front covers. And although at first glance they look the same, the rear is usually slightly smaller in size, it can be easily verified, if you attach them to each other.
Install the headrests back. To do this, position your fingers on the metal base and gently push the product inside the chair. When you are finished, put the seat to its original position and try the new cell while driving.
The extent of contamination cases can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine. In case of strong contamination of some of the models like capes can be cleaned in dry cleaning.