You will need
  • -car vacuum cleaner;
  • brush;
  • -scoop;
  • -wet towel;
  • -stick;
  • -special tools for cleaning different surfaces;
  • -cloth and sponge;
  • -flour, coffee or rice;
  • -ice;
  • -ammonia.
First remove all items from the car. Don't forget to pick up items from the glove compartment. Remove all the detachable parts in the car. It can be head-rests, ash trays or covers from the seats. Don't forget to remove all jewelry.
To effectively clean the interior of the car, you first need to remove all the dirt and debris. Take car vacuum cleaner and thoroughly clean the entire interior. Don't forget to vacuum under the mats. If you do not have car vacuum cleaner, take a small brush and sweep up all the dust down. Then lift the mats, gather all the garbage into a pile and notice on the scoop.
If the car is not leather, take a damp towel (or any other wet a thick cloth). Put it on the seat and with a stick knock all the dust. Move the towel and repeat the procedure. So you need to make for all soft surfaces of the interior.
Take special product for cleaning seats, apply it evenly on the entire surface of the seats. Take a brush with soft bristles and brush the entire surface. Remove the foam. A damp cloth collect the dirt. Do not soak too much padding, otherwise it will be a very long time to dry.
If you have leather interior, first degrease the surface of the seats. This can be done using any special tools. Next, use a leather cleaner. The older the padding, the more gentle must be the remedy. Dry the interior and apply protectant to the skin.
If you need to remove odor from the interior of the car, put him in for a day capacity of flour, coffee or rice. These products stretched all the flavors. After use, the products should be thrown out. If you want to remove chewing gum, apply for a couple of minutes. And then gently scrape.
Solid surface in the cabin can murk with virtually any detergent. Of course, in addition to powder. Don't forget to remove the formed foam. Ceiling clean thick rag or sponge dipped in soapy water. Do not brush the ceiling of the car with brushes.
To clean glass, take liquid for washing, apply to glass. Wipe the surface of the paper. If you do not have the liquid for washing Windows, use water with a few drops of ammonia.