"What are you doing Friday night?"

Means: "We'll spend Friday night together?" This issue contains thinly concealed desire to spend Friday night with you. If you want to avoid unnecessary conflict, and has already planned the bachelor party, reassure her with the promise the next evening, which would hold only two.

"How do I look in this dress?"

Means: "I have recovered, I quickly try to calm down". This is one of the most common questions, as well as a trick that definitely should not be caught. The only correct answer is something like: "You look amazing".

"Is this child cute?"

Means we ever have kids?" If this question is in the context of a long term relationship, don't worry. You probably guess that in every woman Napping maternal instincts, and that moment when she gave him complete freedom. Of course, this question, already sounding on the second date, should make you think.

"How long have we been Dating?"

Means: "I want to know whether you perceive our relationship as seriously as I do." Of course, she knows very well how long have you been Dating, but want to know, you know you are too. It is usually an opening question, which will be followed by a long and somewhat tedious conversation about the meaning of your relationship.