You will have to pay more attention to their skin, weight and other changes in your body.

Trips to the beautician, of course, is good, but the attitude to food should reconsider. Need to eat more foods containing vitamins and antioxidants: fish, seafood, fresh vegetables and of course fruit.

Nothing influences a skin condition, as a healthy gut

And nothing helps proper functioning of the intestine as products made from flour, cereals and the balance of intestinal flora.

Almonds and walnuts – clear the brain and strengthen the nervous system.

Dried fruits, olives, and celery is a source of magnesium! Magnesium is the fuel for the correct operation of the heart – a flaming engine.

Dairy products are a vital source of calcium for bones, who at the age of elegant maturity become, alas, are particularly fragile.

One of the main rules of preserving beauty – water

Water without gas, without dyes, sugar and other additives. After 45 years, the skin rapidly begins to lose moisture, leading to its rapid aging. Properly chosen cream is half the battle, the other half of the case for the preservation of beauty – at least 2 L. of clean water per day, not wityh in itself, in one fell swoop, and if you drink it in small SIPS throughout the day instead of "taposiris" before you sleep 3-liter cans.

It would be good also to wash mineral water in the morning.

Of course, every woman's body is individualand what is good for one, can radically contradict the other. It is therefore important to consult a doctor. But! Any doctor will advise you to abandon store-bought mayonnaise, sweet drinks, chocolate bars and chips, because it just will not add to the body of health!

A woman after 40 is not a "kitty", but not "rag". This beautiful "Puma". And where you saw the lethargic Cougar?!