It all starts with the skin and hair. Taking care of yourself, it is important to maintain freshness and vitality. In adulthood is very noticeable if the neck, neckline and hands not paid adequate attention to youth. Therefore, it is necessary several times daily to lubricate these areas with a nourishing cream, avoid open sunlight and be sure to wear gloves while washing dishes.
To look good at 45, you need to devote much time to hair. You must not only pick the appropriate type scalp shampoo and conditioner, but also use people's recipes to maintain Shine and elasticity of hair. A Mature woman not to face, long flowing curls, but also extremely short hair is not increased sexuality. You should choose medium length hair, collecting them in elegant bunches and "shells". Curly tresses are appropriate, if they are professionally Packed.
How to look sexy after forty? Use makeup moderately. Striking "combat" makeup is worse than none at all. Mature lady definitely needs a quality Foundation with UV filters, silky compact or cream blush, a little mascara, applied only on the upper lashes, and lipstick of a natural shade. Eyeshadow can be used daily and for special events. To look was expressive, it is not necessary to apply three layers of mascara. Better to put one, but without lumps.
Nothing makes as dead gaze, red squirrels and wrinkles around the eyes. Want to look good in 45 carefully take care of the eyelids and eyes. In addition to anti-aging creams can take the advantage of the mask of sour cream and parsley, with honey, tea leaves, herbal teas and raw potatoes.
It is very important to be stylish in 45 years. Tasteless dressed woman looks older than his age. After forty it is not necessary to chase fashion that is constantly changing. Choose classic, retro or vintage. These styles make a woman is not only sexy, but also delicate and graceful.
The shoes make the image complete. You can save on anything but not on good shoes. It pumps on average heels, elegant sandals and platform boots mid calf will make any woman sexy and youthful. From the "stripper" heels and Slippers should be abandoned. First look vulgar, the second will turn you into a grandma.
Be stylish in 45 years - that's not all. To maintain the shape you need to take care of health. This will help in good sleep, fresh air, intake of supplements and avoiding harmful habits.