Maladewa haircut

After fifty has the sense to abandon long, smooth on the face or hair-covered beams. Note that very smooth hair just go thin. If your figure is far from model standards, is prefer more voluminous medium length haircut. An elongated laid on its side bangs hide wrinkles on the forehead, soft waves will make the face softer and more youthful.

Choose the right hair color. It is not necessary to bleed the burning brunette or dramatic blonde. Give preference to beautiful shades of medium intensity - chestnut, brown, ash.

Hair must always be in order. You can't afford the roots, unwashed, helplessly dangling strands. If you don't like to mess with the tongs and styling tools, make a nice haircut that does not require a careful installation, and are often freshen her in the cabin.

Makeup and manicure

Take care of the appearance of the face and hands. Manicured nails, covered with soft varnish the actual shade will make you look modern and stylish. Daily use a good hand cream and make a manicure once a week.

Revise the makeup. Get rid of the too bright lipstick, flows into the folds of her lips, pearly eye shadow and black eyeliner. Don't do "normal" makeup, reminiscent of the days of his youth - he will only emphasize your age. Use modern cosmetics. Buy a good Foundation with moisturizing effect and a loose powder with light reflecting particles. Pick a concealer which will help to disguise dark spots, fine lines and other skin imperfections. Include in your daily makeup blush - they will refresh the face and help a little sculpted cheekbones.

Choosing a lipstick and the shade, give preference to complex tones and soft moisturizing texture. Pay attention to buying a high-quality applicators and brushes - with their help, you can make an easy, but beautiful makeup that won't look like a mask frozen on her face.

Figure and skin

At this age, beauticians do not recommend a rigid diet. The skin loses its elasticity and sudden weight loss is not will benefit your looks. You look slim and young, but haggard and tired. Best to try strengthening the muscles in the fitness room. You are shown the exercises with emphasis on development of flexibility of spine and joints, swimming, yoga for beginners. Toned muscles will form a beautiful silhouette, and the grace and agility will add you maligawatte.

Daily use firming cream for the body. It will seal the skin and restore its tone and elasticity. For face fit creams with plant peptides, coenzymes and vitamin complexes. Especially vitamins C and A. Day, protect your skin from the sun - tan is very old, besides the face can appear unsightly age spots.

The correct closet

Stylists recommend to abandon skirts and dresses with length to mid-calf. This length makes the figure bulky and visually shortens the legs. However, the mini dresses that reveal your knees, you too will not fit. The perfect length of skirts below the knee. Fit pants better long covering the heel to the middle. Is stretched shapeless cardigans and turtlenecks wear neat tops of a tight-knit and short, well-tailored jackets.

Get rid of cheap, ill-fitting clothes are the wrong colors. No need to "wearing" outdated styles. Select a few items of clothing that you really are. Give preference to outfits, bright colors in them you will look younger. To diversify a wardrobe will help scarves and shawls of high quality natural materials. Choose comfortable shoes on a stable heel. Refrain from clogs, flip flops and shoes with very thin heels, as these designs will add grace to your gait.