When to plant peas in the open ground

Peas - culture, which is always sown directly into open ground, so its fit is always in a period when the threat of frost passes. Generally, this plant can withstand light frosts (down to -3 degrees), but only for a short period of time.

When choosing the planting time peas need to consider not only the weather but also the approximate time when you wish to harvest. On average, the peas ripen in 2.5-3 months, so by putting him at the end of April, you can enjoy the delicious peas in mid-summer. If you are planting peas in order to further preserve the harvest, re-planting before mid-may.

How to plant peas in the open ground

The pea grows well on fertile soils, Sunny areas. If planting peas in the garden grow tomatoes, potatoes or pumpkin, and after harvest the soil was fertilized with nitrogen fertilizer, then planted peas in these beds, you will gather a great harvest.

Before planting, sort the seeds: in a bowl, pour a liter of water, add a couple teaspoons of common salt, stir and dip in a solution of seeds. Remove all surfaced and sank to the bottom catch, soak them for 15 hours in warm water (not above 35 degrees).

Swollen seeds to use for planting. Dig a flower bed, remove all the roots of weeds and other debris, lightly water the bed. Make furrows at a distance of 30 centimeters from each other with a depth of five inches, if you fall is not fertilized, then within each groove, make the ash with compost layer at one or two centimeters.

Plant seeds at the rate of 15 grains to one meter to the furrow, cover the seed with soil and lightly tamp. To avoid Slavyane cover the seed bed with a transparent film. The first seedlings will appear after 7-10 days, if the weather is cloudy and cool - two weeks later, with the appearance of the first sprouts, you can remove the film from the patch.

With regard to care, it is very simple: water the beds as the drying of the soil, loosen soil after each watering, remove weeds in a timely manner, and also a month after the landing, set the prop (if the variety is low-growing (up to half a meter tall), then the support is not required, in all other cases it is needed).