You will need
  • The seeds of the zoned grades of peas, a support for the stems, grids from birds, a garden tool.
Select the place where you plan to plant peas. The best precursors for legumes and pumpkin are solanaceous crops (tomato, pepper, eggplant, physalis, pumpkin, zucchini, cucumber).
Dig the soil well before sowing liberally pour. The pea prefers a neutral soil acidity. If the soil is acidic, pre-izvestuya her. If the soil is sandy or clay, you need to make humus. Make the peaks of the grooves 25, see
Choose released varieties of peas for your area. Loop before sowing the seeds. Discard broken or damaged. If the ground is very dry, pre-soak the seeds.
Wisata peas in the second decade of April using 10 cm apart to a depth of 2.5 – 5 cm. Firmly push the seeds to the soil. Peas rises worse, if the seeds are poorly embedded in the ground. Stretch chicken wire or other material to protect the seedlings from birds.
When you see the sprouts carefully proryhlit soil. Remove the weeds. Water copiously once a week. Remember that peas like water but does not tolerate waterlogged soil.
Tie the peas when the stalks reach a height of 7 – 10 cm you Can use twine or install special supports for climbing plants. Feed plants during flowering if the soil were not dressed with fertilizer in the spring.
Start picking the pods a month after the beginning of flowering peas. The first ripe pods in the lower part of the stem. Their regular breaks contributes to the formation of new pods on the stem.