The soil for peas should be prepared. Dig the ground at 20-30 cm depth, add fertilizer of 5 kg of humus or compost for every m2 of land. In the spring add ash. Before planting peas it is recommended to apply rotted manure, fresh provoke the growth of the greens to the detriment of the fruit. Well, the peas will grow from the soil, which previously harvested crops of potato, tomato, pumpkin or cabbage. To plant peas again in the old place not earlier than in 3-4 years.

Pea loves the sun, prefer Sunny places. Avoid areas with close groundwater - the roots grow into the soil at 0.5-1 meter.
Pea seeds soak in water in a saucer, cover with wet gauze. Soak them for about a 12-18 hours, change water every 4 hours. It is permissible to add a growth stimulant for 2-3 hours, you can warm up the peas 5 minutes in warm water with micronutrients.

Visivite swollen seeds in moistened soil. That peas grew constantly, put him in several stages with an interval in 2 weeks. Make the beds with the distance between them is 20 cm between holes 5-6 cm, depth should not exceed 4 cm.

Water the peas at least once a week until it blooms. In the flowering period this should be done twice a week. Between the rows the soil should be loose, not formed a crust and the roots to "breathe." Tall varieties of peas pitch prop in the form of a grid or wire mesh with a height of 2 m.

A month after the start of flowering will have the first harvest. Peas will bloom all summer if you planted it at equal intervals. During the season of vegetable pea yields up to 4 kg per 1 m2. Tops, chopped and moistened, is laid in compost, and the land with roots perekidyvaetsya. This fertilizer replaces manure and compost in the next year, naturally improving soil fertility.