If you want to put on your site, any kind of beans, choose for her a suitable place. This plant likes a light and warm sandy loam, loam, alluvial and black soil, well drained with a lot of humic compounds. Beans can be planted as a separate patch and a potato field: in this case, you do not need to put for her support, and the potatoes will not suffer from the invasion of the Colorado potato beetle.
A place for planting beans prepare in the fall. Dig the soil to a depth of 25-30 cm and make a phosphorus fertilizer. 1 sq. m. need 30-40 Gy. Again in the spring to fertilize the ground, this time the potassium fertilizers at the rate of 20-30 g per 1 sq. m.
The seeds of the bean plant when the ground warms up well. It usually happens in late may. If you would like to get regular harvests of beans, you can sow it in 3 stages: first batch in may, the second in early June, the third – at the end of June. The distance between the beans at planting should be 10 cm between rows – 30 cm If you plant beans next to potatoes, you can plant a single tuber 2-3 Bob.