Peas - plant cold-hardy, so it can be sown quite early, as soon as the soil warms up a bit. Sow peas in the garden have a width of about 30 cm If the ground is wet, you can even dry seeds. Or soak it the night before and put already swollen.
In the middle of the garden and make a groove with a depth of about 10 cm and pour it from a watering can without a nozzle and throw the peas at a distance of 5 cm from each other. Pour on top of the humus (or compost), if he is, if he is not available - a common ground. The pea is undemanding to soil.
Seedlings emerge quite quickly. When the shoots reach a height of 10-15 cm, draw the first weeding and loosen the soil, raking it slightly to the roots.
In the future, the entire treatment is only in weeding the grass, but it usually happens a bit.
Watering in dry weather at the beginning of growth, while the roots are still small. In the future, not water, enough moisture from the summer rains.
Peas growing up to 2 m, therefore, it needs support. Put on both sides of the row of poles at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other. When the seedlings reach a height of 35-40 cm, stretch it between the sticks twine, passing it through that with one, on the other hand, and plants them firmly held. When they grow up to 80-100 cm, again podesavate them with string. Soon they bloom, and in a few weeks can already try the first green peas.
With plants planted in a single row on a narrow ridge and tied with twine to the support, it is very convenient to collect the pods, even bend over is not necessary. You can approach the bed from both sides, all of them hanging outside and they are easy to pluck.
Another important advantage of this garden - peas is illuminated from all sides by the sun, and it relates to light-requiring crops. Usually peas are planted near the fence, but there it is not enough light and yield falls.
If you want fresh green peas has been on your Desk for as long as possible, sow it in some time. At the end of may, early and mid-June. In the South and later, many times. When everyone already ate a lot of green peas, begin to collect it for freezing and marinating. Pea pods - perishable goods and long storage is not. Therefore, they need to process the same day when collected, otherwise the peas lose its flavor and vitamins quickly fades.