Advice 1: How to weed onions

Removal of weeds in plantings of onions is very important to combine with the loosening of the soil. The bulbs need air, which, through dense soil, penetrates poorly. The weeds suck the nutrients from the soil, not allowing the follicles to Mature. You can do weeding by hand and loosen the aisle with a hoe, and you can use special tools, such as ploskorez Fokine.
Onions need weeding only on wet soil
You will need
  • - water and equipment for irrigation;
  • - hoe and mattock;
  • - ploskorez Fokine;
  • gloves.
Weeding weedy onions manually as follows. Before weeding always wait for rain or well water the garden with onions. Weeding on a dry bed is not necessary. First, all the roots of the weeds remain in a dry land. Second, if something will be able to root, it will be a clod of earth that will capture and damage the roots growing near the bow.
If the weeds are common, with erect stem (quinoa, chickweed), weeding is necessary to begin always with the beginning of the patch. Hand must be moving toward you right to the ground, as close as possible to the root, to pluck the weeds, if by the roots to pull them will not work.
If weeds are serious, such as bindweed or couch grass, will have to take a knife and scissors. Whip birch carefully cut with scissors into several pieces and remove the onion with the pen, trying not to damage the bow. Couch grass, the roots of which are very long and powerful, don't even try to pull the root. Cut with a knife to the ground. An all-out battle with the couch grass will have to spend after the harvest of onion will be harvested during the autumn digging the garden
To make it easier to weed and had to do it less often, onions are best planted in rows and aisles often loosen. In loose soil the weeds wither, and moisture for the growth of new in sufficient quantity is not supplied. For loosening, combined with weeding, you need to use special tools. It's hoes and hoes, and ploskorez Fokine.
Manual hoe combined with hoe (one side is hoe, and another flat hoe) short handle is convenient to cut weeds, at the same time raking them with a hoe and loosen the soil. But this tool is bad because due to the short handle you have to bend down low to the plants or to squat, and then my back aches, and whole body.
The next tool, which is sold in garden stores, reminiscent of tongs, which in the old days of the furnace, took out the cast iron. On drill a hole and insert a wire or fishing line. Sometimes it is sold without a cross bar. Sometimes with a flat sharp blade. The pen he long. It is particularly convenient to treat the weeds from the onion and garlic.
Working ploskorez Fokine on a long handle, it is necessary to use it properly. You need to stand straight without bending, slightly tilting the body forward. Ploskorez not keep as a shovel or a hoe, and scythe. Lightly cut the top layer of the soil between the rows 5 centimeters in depth. Simultaneous cutting and cleaning of weeds and hoeing.
Useful advice
If you take cartons of eggs, to be done in each cell hole, to place them in bulbs and put in the loose soil, weeds onions are not terrible.

Advice 2: As weed beds

In the process of preparing beds for planting of cultivated plants is recommended to carefully select the roots of the weeds. Despite this precaution, unnoticed or sprouted from seeds of the weed can impede the growth of flowers or vegetables, if not promptly make the weeding.
As weed beds
You will need
  • - gloves;
  • - hand plug;
  • - hoe with a short handle;
  • - plane;
  • - mulch material.
Proceed to clear the weeds after rain or irrigation, when the moisture is absorbed into the soil and the soil will begin to crumble into lumps. This will facilitate the removal of weeds together with their root system. If you are going to weed thoroughly a running garden where cultivated plants due to lack of light I managed to stretch, start in the late afternoon. Per night period of high humidity and low temperature will allow the vegetables or greens to adapt to new conditions.
Before weeding slip into the hands of rubber or thick cotton gloves. Among the weeds can be plants with a cutting edge like the leaves of couch grass, prickly sow-Thistle or nettle. Dense material of gloves will protect the skin. If you work in the afternoon, put on your head a hat or summer hat with a wide brim, which will help to avoid overheating.
Start with removing weeds from the spaces between the rows. To get rid of the plants with a strong root system, plug into the soil around the weed by hand fork or a hoe with prongs, lift the plant and shake the soil from the roots. The removed weeds, put in a bucket. Chopped green mass can be used to make compost.
Among experienced gardeners, there are supporters of weeding with cultivators. The meaning of this treatment, the beds lies in the periodic suppression of weed growth and the use of cut green mass as a mulch material, and later as organic fertilizer. If you prefer this method of weeding, prune the weeds with the cultivator, buried its working part into the soil for two to three centimeters. Leave cut plants in the beds.
To avoid or reduce the risk of occurrence in the beds of weeds you can use materials such as shredded wood bark, sawdust, straw, or mulch film. When the spring preparation of the garden, remove soil from the roots of perennial weeds and cover the ground with mulch layer with a thickness of two to five centimeters. Film stretch and secure around the perimeter of the garden. Planting plants, spread a loose mulch. If you are using an opaque film, make holes in it for planting.
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