Think about that before you have not enough time, what are unfinished business. Make a plan of action and proceed to its implementation. Help the brain to rebuild faster and avoid negative thoughts.
Properly use the free time and focus on yourself. Think about how surprised your beloved one with new shapes, when you meet after a long separation. To do this, join a gym, visit the pool, run in the morning. Perform a variety of exercises, improves mood and fights depression.
Get a haircut, visit the salon and pick up a new wardrobe. Every day give yourself little gifts.
Carefully watch your diet. Sedate not yearning cakes and different sweets. Eat more fruits and vegetables, lean meat, fish, cereals, dairy products. Don't let stress get body.
Schedule his day make such a way that there was not one minute to spare. Start a fascinating hobby.
Don't forget that you have a great chance to mingle with old friends, which was not enough time. Chat with them, discuss the latest news and it becomes easier to survive the separation. Surround yourself with family and loved ones who love you.
Often call your beloved and tell him about your thoughts and feelings, always stay in touch. Don't be afraid to make the extra call, to hear a native voice.
In the evenings he takes over watching your favorite movies and programs, and in the afternoon dance rhythms, cheerful melodies. Fill the heart with love and beautiful creations.
Get yourself a four-legged friend. The realization that you will find not an empty apartment, and the living entity, will survive the pain of parting.
Remember that everything will pass, love will return and you will be happy. The main thing – to love, trust and faithfulness.