All that we are concerned about, fear of the unknown, to future changes in life, fear to lose something, all this and more, it's so intangible and sometimes are out of our correct perception and subjective evaluation, we simply enter into a stupor and not know how to treat this. And then there is the notorious anxiety.

Anxiety is as a result of the problem. Try to figure out what methods it is better to deal with the emerging feeling of anxiety depending on the complexity of the problem.

First, you need to understand the root cause of arising anxiety. And try to find a rational explanation emerged state. Then you should try to choose the most simple methods to solve the main problems encountered. When the head will develop a logical chain of resolution of the problem, it will not seem so global as you had envisioned.

Secondly, try not to think about the bad. Shake yourself with a simple exercise. Gets the blood moving, make your brain work faster, picking up the keys to solving the problem.

Third, think of a nice reward for you invented a way out to relieve anxiety, treat yourself to a sweet or what you love. This again will help your brain to concentrate on the problem and the anxiety will fade into the background. Or on the contrary, divert their attention from the problem, view an interesting film. And suddenly, in the film any situation, phrases, and characters you come across on your thoughts.

If the problem seems to be completely not solvable, then just lie down and sleep. During sleep nervous tension will be removed of course, and as a result will be a feeling of anxiety. This will allow to act sober. And remember, there's always a way, even when you eat.