You will need
  • - antidepressants;
  • - antipsychotics;
  • vegetable sedatives;
  • - pharmaceutical means for stabilizing the pressure.
If you regularly feel anxious state, nervous over nothing, irritable, have trouble sleeping at night, and a day experience drowsiness, contact your General practitioner. You will conduct a General medical examination, on the basis of its results will write a referral to a specialist who will treat you in the future.
Mental disorders are almost always accompanied by a state ofm anxiety treated with medical pharmaceuticals. If the results of the survey showed the presence of depression will prescribe antidepressants with predominantly sedative effect: "Amitriptyline", "Perfonal", "Sinequan", "Trittico", "Azafen", "Lerivon" or other derivatives doxepin, trazodone, pipofezina, trimipramine.
If the diagnosis of mixed disorder with a predominance of anxiety, insomnia at night, daytime sleepiness, your doctor may prescribe drugs balanced actions: "Ludiomil", "Pirazidol", "Coaxil", paxil, zoloft. Pharmaceutical drugs are selected individually for each patient assigned to dose and duration of reception depends on the severity of symptoms and concomitant chronic disorders in the body. Independent selection of psychotropic drugs are strictly contraindicated.
Severe emotional disorder that is associated with serious behavioral disturbances, increased anxiety, other symptoms the doctor may prescribe antipsychotics "Sonapaks", "Neuleptil" and tranquilizers directional.
Light mood disorder with presence of anxiety treated with sedative drugs mainly of plant origin. Prescribe tincture, decoction or extract of motherwort, peppermint, St. John's wort, marjoram, hops, Valerian.
Diseases of the cardiovascular system can also cause a feeling of anxiety, sleep disturbance, mood lability. For the treatment prescribed drugs for blood pressure, sedatives of plant origin.