But it's hard, but try to pull myself together and think: what is the cause of fear or anxiety? When it first arose, what was the reason? What was the impetus, "precipitating factor"?
Even if you don't immediately find the answers to these questions, don't be discouraged and don't give up. Remember: if you manage to find the cause of your problem is close to resolution! After all, even the famous author of "Robinson Crusoe" wrote: "the Fact that we know less tormented by terror, rather than omissions and secrets."
If you again feel the attack of fear – try to do the following: write in detail what exactly you were worried, scared; like, in your opinion, to overcome fear or anxiety. If you have a few options – detailed description of each, take the time. It will only benefit.
Selecting from these options the best, in your opinion, start to act on it. The simplicity of this method, it is quite effective. Most importantly – starting to talk, will you allow the fear fully "possess" you. You will see that he has limits and that torment you, the problem is not so bad.
A very good remedy for fear and anxiety on work. When man is constantly busy he simply has no time to torment myself with worries. Not accidentally, doctors and psychologists have such concept: "therapy employment."
Try also "pull together", to vex itself – to say, I'm a grown and independent man, and still acting just childish! At the same time try to bring cold logic. Tell yourself: "does me better because I am constantly afraid of something, are you nervous? No! Only worse! So what the hell? Pretty! Won't be afraid". Sometimes it is very good.
If all the above did not lead to success, there could not do without the help of qualified professionals.