If you are unable to cope with feelings of anxiety, consider this: perhaps the easiest and fastest option of getting rid of him would be to visit a psychologist. A professional will be able to properly understand the causes of anxiety and give a lot of really useful tips on how to deal with it.
Try not to dwell on the problems that you had in the past. If an event has already happened, does not make sense to "chew" it for the thousandth time. If you do can't change, just try to forget about it. At the same time, to predict what will happen tomorrow, too, is impossible, so no worries about what may not even be. Learn to think and live day to day.
You have an accident? In some cases it is useful to analyze how big it is and important to you. Whether for this it is necessary to spend time on the experiences?
Try to change negative opinions to positive. When you are waiting for some event, do not adjust themselves at once to defeat and failure, poor outcome. Better think about what you can do for success and good result. But if something does not work, find the positive in the experience you have gained, and calmly analyze their mistakes.
When you consider, follow the advice of psychologists: avoid the prefix "not". Better to tell yourself and others "tomorrow I will win this contest", not "I'll try not to lose."
Take your thoughts to something useful. Think about his passion, about some creative work, family, or just constantly be busy. Physical activity will push the bad thoughts into the background, and then all of them will dissolve.
Remember that artificial stimulants calm are only temporary, but then can only aggravate your condition and could undermine health. These include alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and sedatives and hypnotics. Setting yourself positively, you can deal with anxiety without them.
The best means of deliverance from the constant anxiety is healthy sleep. When you rest, your body and soul are restored; your body's normal biochemical processes that have a positive influence on health, including mental.
The feeling of constant anxiety and nervous exhaustion leads to lack of vitamin B. Therefore, to fight stress, try to take vitamin complexes with the content of this vitamin.
Another quite effective means of relaxation and mastery of your feelings – meditation. To get rid of anxiety, you'll be enough even for 10-15 minutes. Find a quiet place – it can be like having your own apartment, and shady Park, let go of all unnecessary thoughts, breathe deeply and relax.
A great tool for bringing yourself up – playing sports. Find what you like the most and try it. Spent on sport time you will be rewarded handsomely both in terms of physical health and mental equilibrium.