Training to reading: acquisition of equipment

Those who do not engage in divination and predstatelstvom professionally, you need to select the pendulum, and insignificant, it will be store-bought or self-made. It is only important to follow certain rules. The length of the thread varies from 15 cm up to a distance of more than a meter to use such equipment a person will have standing. The optimal size is about 30 cm, suspended on a thread, the load must be near the surface of the table, with the hand placed on the elbow. The thread may be taken from an ordinary sewing spool or ball of yarn, but in the latter case, it should be smooth and smooth, no lint and no swelling.

The goods must not have asymmetrical shape, also it is not advisable to use metal objects: necklace, scraper, needle – they pick up extraneous energy and can make mistakes. The perfect choice would be a plastic button or a large bead, a round pebble or a store-bought pendulum from natural materials.

First steps

The process of divination carried out by a novice, does not tolerate haste and presence of skeptics. You should save at least a free hour, when man will not be distracted by household chores. First, you need to make contact with their own pendulum and learn to recognize his answers.

The possibility of the pendulum is limited: it only gives four answers, for which the payload performs one of the four movements. It wiggles left-right, forward-back, and circular rotation clockwise and counterclockwise. They mean "Yes", "no", "don't know" and "unwilling to answer". Out the corresponding movements and answer a novice forecaster will have their own.

To do this, hold the tip of the thread between the fingers, wait for the immobility of the pendulum and ask him a direct question: what kind of movement will mean the answer is "Yes" – and then to observe its vibrations. Changing the words, you should ask him the same three questions. Getting used to the management of the pendulum, we can ask him any thing, but the form of a question must assume a definite answer: Yes or no.


Few people guessing it is with the first lesson, so the contact with the pendulum needs to be strengthened, regularly performing some simple exercises. You will need a deck of cards. Selecting at random one of them and not looking at the picture, placing it face up, you need to ask the pendulum a question: whether it is a court card? If Yes, then should continue: Jack or a Queen, and so on. If not, then two, three, etc. the Suit is known also by transfer. It is important to learn how to sensitively capture differences in the swing of the pendulum, as well as to interpret its movement.