Often the doctor recommends the removal of birthmarks, which despite being benign, may in the future pose a threat. Of particular importance birthmarks should pay the people who in the past have undergone serious sunburn.

Study regularly your moles and note those that differ from others. Especially if the mole has a different color and structure, is required to show her doctor.

During self-monitoring, use the ABCDE

A – asymmetry, i.e. of irregular shape.

B – shore features with irregularities and suspicious spots.

C – the color that losing is different from other moles, very dark or irregular color also falls into the list of suspects.

D – size, especially large moles or uvelichenie over time.

E – evolution, i.e. changes in the last three months.

A tan may worsen the condition of the moles that are dangerous. They should show the doctor before the summer season. It examines the features of a Dermatoscope. The study is in the examination of moles and in no way is painful. Based on this examination, the doctor may refer you for further treatment.

Remember that sunbathing is very bad for your health and always sunbathe with protective creams choose a in this case UBA and UVB group!