Advice 1: Early strawberry harvest

Early strawberry harvest - it is quite possible. There are several varieties of strawberries, but apart from that you need to properly care for plants.
Early strawberry harvest

How to help the strawberries to Wake up after hibernation faster?

To get the strawberry early, early morning to Wake her up. As soon as the snow melted, you need to remove the old leaves and spray live foliage with a solution of NV-101. You can spray or to sprinkler (using this solution in a concentration of 30 drops per 10 liters of water). This solution will help the strawberries quickly Wake up and recharge.

Then the beds need to close the covering material number 30 to the flowering of strawberries.

Covering a plant, covering materials, you will help the strawberries in two weeks to be ready for growth and development. At this time, it is necessary to give fertilizer or water extract of vermicompost. In the case of vermicompost solution should insist night.

A warm bed will help to get an early harvest next year

The alternative to an early harvest of strawberries - to raise her on the warm bed. These garden beds can be done by means of "heat accumulators". An alternative is to use a hand-made heat accumulators made of bottles filled with water. As a result, the strawberries will grow faster, as the warm soil it will be faster to lay the harvest.

So, the main secret to getting an early crop of strawberries is the use of early varieties and the application of the covering material. Covering material is necessary, as it protects strawberries from frost.

Advice 2: How to get a large crop of strawberries

For anybody not a secret that the strawberries, popularly referred to as strawberries, are very useful and nutritious berry that contains many vitamins and minerals. However, not everyone is able to get a good crop of strawberries. But the issue here is ignorance of farming, the inability to choose the right site, to make fertilizer.
How to get a large crop of strawberries


Strawberry – loving plant. Grows well in southern and South – Eastern side of the site. The soil for planting should be prepared in advance. The ground should be thoroughly dug with making leaf mold. Why leaf? Just this berry is very receptive to nutrients contained in humus. And the manure of animals is unacceptable. After planting a strawberry seedling in the garden of good idea to lay straw chaff or weed the plot, grass. This "coat" retains moisture and gives tender roots to dry out. In addition, the patch will not be overgrown with weeds. Continue to shed a bed of superphosphate solution ( for 10 liters of water – 20 g fertilizer).

During flowering it is good to spray the plants with an infusion of ash. To prepare it, take 1 litre jar of birch ash and insist 3 days in 8 liters of boiling water. The solution was then filtered and the treatment is performed by sprinkling method, preferably with a garden watering can.

After harvest the strawberry tops cannot be cut. This technique leads to a strong weakening of the uterine bushes. So the winter berries is prepared as follows: immediately after fruiting and harvest shrubs strawberry feed nitrophoska (matchbox spoon on a water bucket). Before frost bed covered with spruce branches which in early spring need to be removed.

Now, how to rejuvenate a strawberry planting. Contrary to popular belief, strawberries can successfully grow and fruit in one place 7 – 10 years. Transplant the bushes for this is not required. And do the following: a large hunting knife to carefully cut out the old roots immediately after harvest. And the next day fed landing such a solution: 12 liters of water 1 liter of the slurry.

That's the trouble. With such farming techniques, a great crop of berries you provided!



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