You will need
  • - complex mineral fertilizer;
  • - bird droppings;
  • - wood ash;
  • - covering material.
Work on the care of garden strawberries begin after the snow melts and the ground dries out. Remove from the beds of dry leaves left over from last year. If it turned out that the upper part of the root system of the bushes were bare, fill it with soil. This could happen because of the freezing of the top soil and because of lack in this nutrient.
The first feeding of plants produce in the spring. Landing clearing away old leaves, pour the aisle and the ground around the bushes, and half an hour later to feed the plants with a solution of complex fertilizer that is poured in the dug between the rows of grooves with a depth of about ten centimeters. After feeding fill furrows and podrujit the ground. In the process of cultivation remove weeds.
The second time will feed the strawberries during the appearance of stems. Dilute one part poultry manure to twenty parts of water and let the liquid steep for five days. Before fertilizing the soil you add ten litres of a mixture of a half Cup of wood ash. Repeat fertilizing at the time of beginning of flowering of strawberry.
If during flowering there is a risk of frost, cover the beds to protect the future harvest. As a covering material suitable transparent plastic film. If the temperature drops to three degrees below zero, use two layers of film or thick paper.
During the flower buds, which in the middle zone falls in the middle of August, feed plants with potash and phosphate fertilizers, excluding nitrogen, which can lead to the rapid growth of green mass. To prepare the dressing mixture at the rate of 200 grams superphosphate per litre of water.
Strawberry is quite demanding on soil moisture. If at a depth of 20 inches the earth crumbles, water the beds in the furrows made in the aisles, and podrujit landing. A good result brings soil mulching with peat or sawdust, a layer which retains moisture. Repeat watering in a week. To monitor the humidity of the earth will be required throughout the warm season.
After harvest with scissors or a sharp knife cut off old leaves of strawberry. Such an operation is done annually to rejuvenate the bushes.