First, the profession of a Manager is well paid. All, in whose interest more to earn a living, will be interested in this type of activity. Of course, we are talking about huge diligence and hard work. Hope to get money just so pointless.

Secondly, the head of profession is quite prestigious. For those who want to realize themselves in life, who need people's recognition and prestige of work management is an ideal option. However, the level of leadership also varies. And if you expect to get the title of top Manager, then, again, should be a lot of quality work.

Third, because managers are managers, we have skills to manage. These skills will undoubtedly prove useful in the life of any person. Ability vision for the future, communication skills, stress tolerance, financial literacy – all these things are needed a person in his everyday life.

Fourth, perhaps the dominant factor in deciding today's students is the ease of learning relative to other specialties. As a key criteria for successful management are experience and intuition, the student will need throughout the course of training, only to build up a scientific base.

Fifth, the Manager is endowed with a certain power and privileges. We are not talking about such privileges as the officials. However, the job Manager allows you to establish a lot of connections, allows you to participate in the life of the people of the whole society. As the head of any country, for example, is the Manager, who sought in his time to change the world for the better. Management opens new horizons. Scope management is the realization of yourself, of your inner self.

In conclusion, it should be noted that management, of course, like any profession, has its drawbacks. You can't judge a profession only by one side. In addition, not everyone is able to become a Manager, even if you really want it.