Often, the "PR" guys are erudite, because their profession belongs to the category of intelligent and extremely neurastenia. Moreover, most of them the phlegmatic and rationalists with an analytical mind that allows them to systematically study and analyze the interests of consumers and forecasts of future development.

Creative Manager is responsible for the nature of the relationship between the company and the media, and maybe even trades excitation of scandals surrounding certain products, which fuels the interest in it. This is the reason that the phrase "PR" now sounds almost like a curse.

Often PP-agents have the education of journalists, which helps them to establish contact with the company through preparation of brochures, events and press releases. In addition, it can help the old ties. The basis of such social relations should be honesty and full disclosure.

The public is divided into two types: external and internal. The external public includes not only customers but also business partners, and competitors who must be under special control. To the internal community includes the employees of the company. She, in turn, shares on working with staff and managers.

When you work with a PR agent in charge of his image-making, advising him in matters of proper conduct of press releases, including the correct intonation and facial expressions. He also informs the user with the help of publicity.

Connection with the marketing

The relationship of PR with marketing is to their mutual dependencies. If marketing is responsible for promotion of products or services on the market, the function of the PR sector is to create a favorable reputation that will affect the perception of the products of this company. Plus, PR - managers stabilize the social sphere, which guarantees the success of marketing communications.

In General and marketing campaigns and PR moves have a common goal-the successful sale and a good profit, and this can only be achieved when sharing the good work.