One of the categories in this area are sales managers. The average starting salary wage is $ 550, not counting bonuses and various bonuses from each transaction processed. Employers are in this position try to choose a sociable, communicative and responsible people. Preference is given to candidates aged 25 to 35 years old who have experience in sales. Their main task is finding and attracting new customers, cooperation with existing customers, promoting the company's products, the successful negotiation and conclusion of new contracts.
Marketing managers - following in the category of management. We offer jobs marketers very often do not like each other on the specifics of the work. This is because each company has its own policy promotion, and it requires the use of certain marketing tools. Starting the starting salary of this professional is about $ 800. Their activities directly affect the operation of the whole company and therefore they need a higher level of responsibility than other managers.
The highest paid category among all of the managers are considered top managers. Due to the fact that they are granted enormous power, the boss expects a high level of knowledge and responsibility. In addition to the specialized knowledge required knowledge of personnel management, as they are accountable to a lot of employees. Top managers regularly attend various training and specialized courses. The aim of increasing not only their immediate skills, but also acquire new skills in management. Their wage is more than $ 1,000 per month.
Another branch in the field of management are the managers work with staff. Their name explains a lot: they are engaged in the management of existing staff. Their duties is considered recruitment, objective assessment of its activities, as well as motivating and training employees. Experts in the field of management will significantly affect the quality of personnel structure of the organization and on the relationships within the band. All this contributes to the effective operation of the company in the market. For a quality selection of employees employers are willing to pay on average $ 630 per month.