Sense of humor is of two types: directed inward, and outward. The first allows a person to find positive moments in everyday life, even in the most difficult situations, is the ability to laugh at your mistakes. The second is the ability to joke. Trying to develop a sense of humor, people usually try to learn how to joke. And this is wrong, because without the ability to see the positive in everyday life and the ability to laugh at yourself, you will hardly be able to do.
First, you must love life itself. With this you can handle yourself, but if not, then with the help of competent teachers. It is not necessary to take lessons from people with more life experience. The role of the teacher is best suited a five year old child who knows how to laugh even without any reason for it.
Try to stop take yourself too seriously, don't be afraid to be funny. Even despite the fact that all your experience from previous years will oppose it. Find funny features, ask relatives or friends, in any case, no offense to the responses received.
Try to remember all the awkward situation into which you fell. Look at their behavior from the outside, laugh good-naturedly. Once you are able to master this skill, it will cease to pay attention to the mistakes and will constantly move forward. Also, laughed at my bad, you are visibly discharge setting, if you accidentally hurt another person.
Remember that to develop a sense of humorrequired and other parameters, for example, a large vocabulary, erudition, ability to clearly Express their thoughts, acting and so on.
Vocabulary will allow you to play skillfully with words. For example, a very widespread acceptance of the use of homonyms (words that are similar in pronunciation but different in meaning).
Knowledge will allow you to move away from the standard of jokes will make your humor more refined.
Sometimes, even despite the fact that the joke is very funny, none of the surrounding people laughed. But the problem is that it is necessary to properly present. The development of acting will allow you to make laugh even the most serious audience.