Very often, especially women half companies try to disguise the pimples, using a variety of cosmetics. However, the use of creams and powders clog the pores of the skin, thereby worsening the condition of the latter. Of course, this begs the question of how to fight acne in this situation? The answer is quite simple - diet from acne.

Clear skin

There is a misconception that the consumed food does not affect acne formation. However, the reality is fundamentally wrong. Of course, simply refuse to consumption of junk food is far from enough, but thanks to this diet, the chances to overcome the acne on the skin significantly increase.

So that the skin on her face was pure, must adhere to the following rules:

The rejection of oily and fried food. Such food increases the production of subcutaneous fat that contributes to clogged pores. Of course, a complete rejection of fat is also contraindicated. It is better to switch to vegetable oils, particularly useful is olive oil.

No fast food. Not only that, no one can be sure of the quality of such products, so they also adversely affect the skin. After all, not always fried in fresh oil potatoes not only harmful to the stomach, but hardly useful for the skin.

Worst of all have a sweet tooth. If the main goal of the diet is clean skin on the face, the refusal to sweet this is the main point. Will have to replace candy and cookies for fruit and low-calorie jams instead of sugar use fructose.


You need to completely abandon gassy drinks: Coca-Cola, Fanta and similar drinks adversely affect the stomach, and as you know digestive problems directly affect the condition of the skin. Drinking green tea not only quenches thirst, but also thanks to the antioxidants contained in it, tones and moisturizes the skin.

A categorical no to alcohol and Smoking, which reduce the barrier properties of the liver, poor performance which contributes to the accumulation of fatty acids. Also, for anybody not a secret that Smoking contributes to premature aging of human skin.


The variety of the daily diet of healthy food with lots of vitamins and minerals. Will include in its menu of cooked lean meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, cereals from whole grains and of course fruits and vegetables that should always be on the table. While all of this is quite good.

Together with the diet, eat multi-vitamins, especially group B. it is Also effective in the fight against disease minerals containing different metals - zinc, copper, etc. and if all of the above informed to diversify properly chosen cosmetics, the result will be just stunning.