Advice 1: Causes of abdomen in men

Many modern men, especially after thirty years, facing problems of excess weight. Deposits on the sides and pendulous belly was painted by any man.
Causes of abdomen in men

Let's get to the reasons:

1. Genetics.

2. Some diseases, including those associated with the gastrointestinal tract.

3. A sedentary way of life.

4. An improper diet.

5. The presence of harmful habits.

1 and 2 paragraphs in this article will not understand, as in these cases it is necessary to consult a specialist. But the remaining paragraphs will try to place it in there.

 A sedentary lifestyle

Many would agree that the life of a modern, average man does not differ special activity. To work – sitting in car (metro, trolley, bus), sit (sometimes stand) in the workplace. Then back home, of course, sitting, after a hard day. And at home, too, after dinner, closer to his favorite chair or sofa.

When this way of life, a person who chooses to remove or tighten the stomach, and simply improve their health, it is vital to begin to actively exercise. In the morning before work or evening after, at the gym, at the stadium or at home – doesn't matter. The main thing to have desire to workout and perform it at the same time.

If you find it hard to start doing any exercise, start with simple walks, gradually replacing them on an easy run. Give up the Elevator. Sign up in the pool. Allow the body to adjust to stress.

Also don't immediately run to join the gym. Enough to start home exercises with a body weight: push-UPS; squats; crunches (with a twist); of torso, etc.

Do two to three sets, 25-30 times.

 Improper diet

There is no need to immediately sit down on some harsh diet. Just try, if not to refuse, to minimize the consumption of fatty, salty or smoked foods. Reduce its eaten typically, the dose by 1/3 and eat strictly three times a day, without a variety of snacking. Include in your diet plenty of fruits and vegetables, foods rich in protein, drink low-fat kefir or yogurt, if tea without sugar.

 The presence of harmful habits

Cigarette after lunch, a mug of beer with friends after work or Patty with milk at night – it is an anchor, which you will not be able to move in their results. For many, this is the most difficult task, but without solving it, you never change.

As you can see to lose belly fat – it's not easy. Here not to do without samonastroja and self-control. Moving, albeit in small steps but in the right direction, you will achieve your goal.

Advice 2: How to reduce belly man

Pessimists perceive their shortcomings as a sentence, and optimists as a guide to action. If your not moderately plump belly does not fit into any framework, it makes sense to get rid of this ballast, and not carry it through life as a family curse. Fortunately there are proven ways, how to do it better.
How to reduce belly man
You will need
  • - review diet and diet;
  • - increase cardio;
  • - add the abdominal and back muscles.
Get rid of excess fat. There are many possibilities: running, Cycling, walking up the stairs. Pump up the muscles to burn off excess energy.
Start eating discipline. In order for the body not garnered the fat in the area of your waist, eat every 2.5–3 hours. Do not forget to include in the diet lean protein and vegetables. When the body to understand that hunger does not threaten him, the fat will disappear.
Eat 60% of your diet in the morning. Eat those foods only for Breakfast. The fact that insulin is responsible for fat accumulation, the evening produced much harder. He holds a high fat content, and all the food goes straight into the "emergency reserve".
Another reason for a large bellyand weak muscles. They stretch continuously for a long time. Gradually, these muscles lose their ability to hold the stomach, and he falls forward. Muscles are able to contract, just give them this opportunity. Eat early in the morning and small portions. If you avoid the bloating, the muscles tighten themselves.
Train yourself to constantly involve the stomach. Not only in front of the mirror, but when no one sees you. Gradually it will become a habit. If you want to obtain a tangible result within a short time, you will have to do special exercises. Flip through sports magazines or get advice from a fitness instructor and exercise.
Strengthen your posture. For a direct answer back muscles of the spine. If they weaken, you start to slouch, your back arches, emphasizing the size of the stomach. Don't forget in the gym to pay attention to the muscles of the back, but in everyday life, keep your back straight and sitting, and standing. Dancers call it "feel their position". And the dancers there are no big bellys.
Do stretching of the hip flexors. Sedentary work those muscles running along the back of the thighs, weaken and cease to help the back muscles to support your lower back. And then it's simple: the lower back is weakened, the stomach bulging forward. And you need it to stretch, because the physical strain on these muscles in exactly the same way reduces their elasticity, which prevents their normal operation.
Useful advice
Add to your menu of Korean salads. They contain phytoestrogens, which distribute the fat throughout the body, not letting it accumulate in one place.
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