Set yourself a target. You should clearly know how many extra kilos you want to lose and how want to look. Maybe you need just a small and flat stomach, or textured and hard. Write it all down on a piece of paper and hang it so that it was always in sight.
Revise your diet. Avoid overeating, try to eat more often but small portions. Adjust the amount of incoming nutrients: the amount of protein per day should not exceed 1 g on your own body weight, carbohydrate – 3-4 Fats in the diet must be present in minimum quantity.
Refrain from using personal transport. Move around the city on foot or by bike. So you'll burn more calories and will be able to normalize metabolism. Possible make morning and evening runs.
Start to do exercises for the abdominal muscles. You can enroll in a gym, but if you value your personal time and funds to study at home. The simple exercise is to lie on your back, put your hands behind your head and start to lift the body, Contracting only the abdominal muscles, then lower to the starting position. Everyday you need to increase the number of repetitions. Do at least 3 approaches, from 30 to 100 reps in each.
Don't forget about the elaboration of the lateral abdominal muscles. This can be done by twisting during the sit-UPS, or turning to the side, standing or sitting. You also need to focus on the lower parts of the press: perform climbs straight legs to the body, hanging on the bar, or lying on the back.
Enjoy a swim. It gives tone to the muscles, normalizes metabolism, which will necessarily affect the appearance of your belly. However, training must be intense, with practicing different types of swimming.