Stretching involves the gradual stretching of muscles and achieve flexibility of the body. That's not all the advantages that occur during class. Stretching great uplifting, relieves stress and restores in shape. As a rule, classes are held under the melodic relaxing music that distracts from daily worries and problems.

After a few workouts the result will not keep itself waiting long, in addition to flexibility and ease, purchase coordination, corrects posture. It's also very hard to get injured or sprain, because the movements are light and flowing, evenly distributed on all the muscles.


Stretching is divided into several types, which can be combined during the sessions with the coach. The first is the slow stretching. During slow stretching exercises performed slowly and carefully, which is particularly effective for muscle training.

Static stretching is good for the waistline, posture exercises are recorded for a short time, which allows you to stretch and strengthen all of the problem areas.

Ballistic stretching is another stretching. It involves stretching under its own weight.

And finally, partner stretching. This kind of is performed with the help of a partner that allows you to perform more complex exercises and increase the effect with the extra weight of one's partner.

Clearly, the result primarily depends on the correct execution of the exercises, so at the initial stage it is better to study in small groups or with a personal trainer.

If exercises are performed correctly, and the effect from them will be obvious almost immediately. Moreover, it will affect not only posture, gait and body flexibility, but also an excellent prevention of extra pounds and cellulite.

After your workouts are pain in the back, which are typical for people with sedentary way of life, because most of the time we spend either driving or at a computer, so, giving preference to straching, we restore our health, because the bonus we get a good night's sleep and a cheerful awakening.